Student's residence

The incoming Erasmus students are put up in the new youth hostel, which was opened February 1, 2006. The hostel can host 800 students at a time. The hostel itself is a 5-floor building with double rooms, and it has 19 m2 rooms with extra services: broadband Internet, telephone, TV. All living units (besides the rooms) have a mini kitchen (with a sink, a fridge, and a microwave oven), a bathroom and a toilet. On the ground floor there is a bar, a body building room, there are infirmaries, offices. On the floors (besides the rooms) there is a big hall, a kitchen, and a hall with all the necessary washing equipments e.g. with an automata washing machine. The hostel has a huge parking area, too.

magister Hotel Magister

jedlik anyos szakkollegium Jedlik Ányos szakkollégium

kozponti Központi Kollégium

nereus kollegium7 Nereus Kollégium

varfok Várfok Kollégium

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