Arriving in Veszprem

In order to travel to Veszprém from the Liszt Ferenc Airport you have to go the Budapest bus station called "Népliget" (Step #1), where you have to get on a bus travelling to Veszprém (Step #2).

Step #1
To get to bus station Népliget from Liszt Ferenc Airport take bus no. 200E (Airport Bus) to the terminal (Kőbánya-Kispest) of the blue Metro (underground) line 3. You will need a single ticket. Take blue Metro (underground) line 3 to get to the bus station: "Népliget". It is the fourth stop from Kőbánya-Kispest, and takes approximately 7 minutes. You will need a single ticket.

Step #2
To get from bus station, Népliget (in Budapest) to Veszprém.

Buses to Veszprém: duration approximately 2 hours.
For departure time see the shedule.

Centre of Veszprém:  see map in Google

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